Celebrate Victory

Celebrate Victory

“Lord, thank you so much for letting me go one more day without stumbling. Thank you for even giving me the strength to coral my thoughts and push out anything that might lead me down the wrong path.

Lord I pray for my wife too as she is on just as tough a journey as I am. I pray that you will give me the courage to be honest and open with her about my progress.

Thank you for your guidance and for the strength to persevere.”

So what made today go well; allowing me to maintain my sexual purity? Here is what helped me today.

1) first thing in the morning I focused on my beautiful wife. This made her and I feel great and it kept my mind on her all day.

2) I grabbed my bible first thing in the morning and read scriptures about being willing to turn my struggles over to God’s power. To put aside my pride and not only say I cannot conquer this on my own but, ….

3) act on it. I prayed earnestly to God that he would help me keep my thoughts at pay and control my temptations. That he would be there when I needed his strength.

4) I sat in silence for 5 minutes focusing on my breathing visualizing what the day would look like with no stumbles.

5) as triggers came up I looked away or ask God to change my thoughts.

There is no question about it, we are surrounded by sexual temptations from provocative billboards to seductively dressed moms at the donut store. We cannot control our external surroundings (well we can to a degree), but we can control how we can respond to them.

We can choose to not gaze at the billboard or take a second look at the female jogger. Even though society tells us we should look, envy, and drool; we can choose to turn the other way. We cannot change society; however, if we each focus on changing us, collectively we can make an impact.

Think about it, if no guys looked at the billboard, would they advertise there? If we did not gawk at the scantily clad women, would they still wear that outfit? Probably not, society says sex sells….. in business and in relationships. I know I bought into this notion in the past!?!?

We must focus on ourselves though. We must strive to rise above the “norms” of our society. Only then can we begin to collectively make a difference.

“Lord give us the strength to win this battle. With You all things are possible. We ask that You humbly remind us that we are not living for ourselves, but that we are living for your glory so that others might see your good works through us.

Lord help our candle to burn brightly as sexually pure men that are above reproach. “

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