The Start of the Journey

The Start of the Journey

This site exists for a couple of simple reasons.

1) Help me stay accountable of my actions and win the battle against temptation
2) Help others that are struggling so that we can hold each other accountable and win this battle

If you are like me, you have probably come to this site because you realize your temptations are winning the battle.  I am not sure what your temptations are…. drugs, alcohol, abuse, pornography,  sexual, etc.  The reality is that it does not matter – our temptations are making us feel trapped and shameful.

Lets be honest.  If we did not feel this way, would we have located a site on the web about overcoming temptations? This is not a random search.  Something in your heart has lead you here.  I know, because this is why I am here. This is why I started this site.

For years I have struggled with pornography.  Since grade school actually…. which translates to almost 2 decades.  Whether your temptation is sexual, drug or alcohol related you are probably here for the same reasons I am.  You feel trapped and defeated.  You want to beat this, you know you can.  In fact you tell yourself you will beat this!!  Then in a few months, days… maybe hours you find yourself right back where you started.

Everywhere you look – TV, news, media, magazines, billboards, online, we are exposed to these temptations.  In many cases, in our society, these temptations are even celebrated – they have become the norm.  They have become so mainstream we tell ourselves that everyone else is doing it, it is no big deal.  However, if it were no big deal, why are we here at this site, looking for an answer?  Why are we searching for something? A solution?  After all, solutions are only needed for problems.  If we really do not think we have a problem, we don’t need to be searching for an answer!

BUT we are, we are looking.  We feel something in our hearts – I do, and you probably are too if you are still reading this page.  The instant gratification from pornography is good for a short while, but then there are the feelings of guilt and remorse afterwards.  I feel shameful and alone, because the craving grows.  You need more.  They chemical surge you get from your temptation makes you lower your barriers and cross the threshold you have told yourself so many times you will not cross again. You promise yourself – never again! But if you are like me, you find yourself breaking that promise over and over and over again.

My temptation, up until now, has been my secret.  Yes, people know that I have seen pornography – I am pretty confident that every male in America has been exposed at one point or another.  But I want my temptation more than the average person and that is why I am here.  I want to beat my addiction, and if you are here reading what I have written you must too or you certainly would not have read this far.

I am proud to say that I went all day today without looking at pornography.  This is rare for me and it took a lot of strength not to give in. I made a promise to myself that I would start this site as a way to hold myself accountable, air my dirty laundry, put my pride aside and admit I need help in overcoming my temptation.

My prayer for you and for myself is that we overcome our temptations not one year, month or week at a time, but that we focus on winning this battle one day, one hour or even one minute at a time. Sitting here it is almost overwhelming to think that I could go a whole year without some sort of sexual gratification, but I do know that I can go one minute – and so can you. So lets focus on just keeping our temptations at bay for the next minute or hour and then we will have a day behind us, a week and eventually even a year.

There is a quote from Leo the cat that has always stuck with me since I was a kid.  The show was the “Millionaire Cat” or something like that.  I have applied these words from Leo the cat to most all aspects of my life, but I think that it is now time to do so in my battle against temptation:

“Inch by inch life is a synch, yard by yard life is very, very hard!”

This is so true. My praryer is that each of us will just focus on overcoming our battles inch by inch so that we may proclaim small victories and not become overwhelmed bywhat appears to be an unsurmountable challenge.

I look forward to sharing my journey and my experiences as we take up our armor and fight off temptation.


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