If you are like me, sometimes it seems like the battle is futile. No matter how hard you fight to be pure the thoughts come flying out of left feild to blindside you. Nowhere you go is safe from sexual temptations. There are bill boards, ads, TV commercials, magazines at checkout stands, radio ads, and scantily clad women on every corner. America has truly bought into the notion that sex sells and not only that it sells, but that it is good and we should all engage in sexual promiscuity because it is good to get what you want!

How do we defeat lust?  How do we defeat an enemy that is everywhere? Even my wife commented the other night that, “You guys do not have a chance!”

I think this statement is the very problem. Yes, sexual tempting situations are indeed found everywhere, but this does not mean that we should just give in and adhere to the old adage, “If you cannot beat them join them.” I think this is what I did for the longest time. I took the stance of so many others – everyone is doing it, so it cannot be bad.  It it were bad, surely not everyone would be partaking?!?

I relied on my own willpower to succeed and rarely did I. My mind would start racing and I would fall into the trap letting my mind go down the rabbit hole filled with lust and sexual temptations. I would fail and beat myself up since I clearly did not have the willpower to succeed once again.

Howver, I was reading some bible versus and I think that trying to rely on my willpower is the exact problem that I need to change. We need to change the definition of willpower that we have all come to know.

Instead I propose we champion this definition: “Willpower is the willingness to accept God’s power.”

Nothing is to big for our God, but we have to be willing to turn our struggles over to him. This seems easy but it is in all actuallity extremely difficult due to pride and our desire to control everything. First off, sexual purity is a very private part of our life; secondly, truly turning over our struggles to God mean relenquishing all control. I know that we do not have absolute control of my life, but in America we are so conditioned to “take control” and be responsible for our own destiny. Our pride and desire to contol every aspect of our lives makes it soooo hard to truly let go of our sturggles and turn them over to another party – even God.

However, “there is no room for God if we are full of ourselves.” Such as simple concept, but yet so hard to apply in real life!!!

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”
Psalm 143:9-10

Lord help me to surrender to my unpure thoughts and ways. I have relied on my own willpower for far too long. I pray that you wil work in my mind and heart to search and eradicate any and all unpure thoughts. Help me to turn over all aspects of my life to you so that you might mold me and shape me into the man of God you want me to be. While I might be happy currently to slightly miss the mark, work to show me just how much greater it is to hit the mark you have in store for me and help me to seek 100% your will for my life!

God I need you. I need you to guide my thoughts, I need you to curtail my desires, I need you to keep satan’s temptations at bay. I need you to coral bad thoughts and keep them at bay. I need you to strengthen my walk with you. I need you in every facet of my life, I need you to show me areas of my life that I am keeping locked up deep down that need to be turned over to you.  I need you to help me let go and give my life fully back to you so that you might be able to fullfill fully the plans you have in store for me.

I am committed to seeking and following Your will.  I need your help and encouragement each step of the way! I want my life to glorify you!

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